Clothing and Preparation

Good preparation is the key to a successful portrait.

Dark clothing will work best

The Gilded Bronze portrait style works best with dark clothing. Darker colors allow your face to draw attention. Since we are creating monochromatic portraits, specific colors are not a concern. Navy, black, dark brown and dark green will all look great. Different textures are a bonus. Clothing should coordinate style wise but should not be matching for family portraits.

Clothing that will flatter

Make sure that all the clothing fits and flatters each member of the family. Children grow so fast so try on the clothing a day or two before the session.

Clothing options are a necessity

Accidents can happen anytime so multiple outfits are a must. We suggest at least 3 choices for each family member. If you have questions, lay out your clothing before your session and send us a picture.

Dress up to look your best

Classic and stylish clothing will help everyone feel and look their best. Think of this as an opportunity to dress up and look fabulous.

Mood is the secret to great portraits

Since tired children are often grumpy children please arrive well rested, well fed and ready to have fun. Everyone’s mood will determine the success of the portrait. Parents please do NOT tell your children to smile or else. Great expressions are coaxed or revealed, not ordered.