Celebrate and protect your family's legacy with
timeless portraiture that will last for generations.

What is Gilded Bronze?

"On the surface it may look like a sepia portrait but it is far more than that. My goal in creating this style of portraits was to craft an art piece that had not been seen before.

As you view the finished art from different angles it changes, from a warm black and white to one that is a luminous portrait shimmering with gold and silver tones."

~ Brad Cansler
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Making the most of your
Gilded Bronze Portrait Sessions

Reserve Your Gilded Bronze Session

The session dates for the Gilded Bronze Portraits are limited. Since we don’t book online,  please call as soon as you get your personal invitation.

Appropriate Clothing for
Your Portrait

We suggest dark classic clothing to create a timeless and refined portrait with your family’s or child’s faces being the center of attention.

Your Artwork

We suggest that anyone who will be involved in making the decisions be at your viewing appointment.

Displaying Art
on the Walls of Your Home

Your artwork is a celebration of loved ones that can be proudly displayed on the walls of your home.
"Brad first photographed my family in 1993 and he captured my boy’s personalities on that chilly fall day while we waited for the golden hour to arrive. I am now the proud Lili, grandmother, of Charlee and Cooper who are about to be three. I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous that they might not cooperate or have an attention span that would allow an amazing experience. The uniqueness of the Gilded Bronze really showcased their personalities. I’ve never had much exposure to the bond that twins have but can see it in every photograph. Their ability to participate and do what Brad asked of them still amazes me. I’m thrilled to add this to my collection of family portraits."

~ Lisa Lewis M.

"The gilded bronze portraits are like nothing I have ever seen before. They are the perfect mix of fine art, modern, and timeless. Brad has created art that can hang in any home and be a conversation piece because of its unique texture and eye catching sparkle."

~ Railene H.

"Seeing my family's finished portrait for the first time was an emotional experience. Not only did everyone look wonderful and happy I was taken aback on how three dimensional the portrait was. As someone who has been involved with artists for years, this new process Brad has designed has a stunning luminosity."

~ John C.

Acid Free Solid Mounted Portrait

A modern classic mounted on a acid free substrate and framed in a float frame to give
a timeless art gallery presentation.

Giclée with Museum Matting

A fine art print created with museum standards for clients desiring a classic presentation.
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